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Malicious script detected within Microsoft documentation

I recently downloaded Microsoft's SQL2000 Documentation on my D drive (CD) and was installing it on my C drive when my antivirus software flashed a message ('Malicious Script MSiEXEC.exe') and advised me not to install the software on my computer. I sent an e-mail to Microsoft trying to find out if this is a virus. Your thoughts? Thanks.

I've been unable to verify the malicious code, but would recommend the following with McAfee (www.mcafee.com):

"PE, Trojan, Internet worm and memory resident:
Use specified engine and DAT files for detection. To remove, boot to MS-DOS mode or use a boot diskette and use the command line scanner:

See Symantec (www.symantec.com) that directs you to the MS error: OFF: Error Message: MSIEXEC Caused an Invalid Page Fault in MSIEXEC.EXE at ####:00400288 (Q217688)

Verify you do not have the MS error listed above, only it's being detected as something else.

Since you did not state the antivirus you were using, I also recommend contacting them and not Microsoft. This is especially true if the antivirus gave you the message and not the Microsoft OS.

Last but not least, if you do not have administrator rights I would venture to say your problem is not a virus but rights to install the SQL product.

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This was last published in June 2002

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