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Mapping a drive to a server in another subnet

My problem is mapping a drive to a server in another subnet using a Windows 2000 Professional desktop.

I have an NT4 server outside my router (in a DMZ) that I have always mapped a drive to in order to work on an Access database. I used a Windows 95 desktop and could map to the share using the server's IP in a UNC path of:

Since upgrading to Win2k, I can only gain FTP-level access, not a full drive map, which is too cumbersome for my needs. I want to re-establish the drive mapping capability. I have tested many possibilities and am fairly certain the problem lies with my new desktop O/S. In fact, if I switch to a Win9x desktop the above mapping will work again as desired, but not with Win2k.

I would try mapping the drive and using the following credentials:

Create a local admin account on the NT4 box.

Map the drive by typing: ipsharename

Use the following credentials to logon:
ntcomputernamelocaladmin (you created)

That should work.

This was last published in July 2002

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