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Online security and intrusion detection courses

I am currently working as an Oracle DBA, but over the last few months I have been developing a real interest in...

network and Unix security. I was if there are any training courses in security and intruder detection that I would be able to take and also if there are any good online training resources.

You ask about security and intruder detection classes, particularly for online training. Indeed there are many options available for those topics, but I must confess I'm much more familiar with what's available here on the U.S. side of the pond, rather than on your side. Thus, I'd urge you to use local, UK-focused search engines to look for these things, in addition to some of the pointers I provide here.

The Systems Administration and Network Security (SANS) Institute (www.sans.org) is probably one of the best-known purveyors of what by all accounts is truly outstanding security training, including their general (GSEC) security class and their intruder detection class. Both of these offerings are available in the classroom at SANS conferences, which will be in London from Aug. 5-10 (rather short notice, I know) but also in Spain (Nov. 11-16) and Amsterdam (Nov. 20-25) later this year. They also offer excellent online courses for both GSEC and intusion detection topics.

Other potential sources of such training would include the many excellent colleges and universities in your country, some of which are world leaders in IT security. Here again, I'd urge you to use your local search engines to help you identify and select such offerings.

Good luck in your search for just the right courses, online or in the classroom.

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This was last published in July 2002

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