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PATRIOT Act recommendations for identifying a wireless Internet user

A public library that offers wireless Internet access also uses NAT, which provides anonymity to users. Does the U.S. PATRIOT Act recommend/require anything for wireless public Internet access provider like a library to help identify the wireless user who may be using the connection for anything?

The U.S. PATRIOT Act does not request specific wireless data, but instead is a guideline to generate specific laws that will later (maybe) impact the wireless community. I also believe the industry as a whole is dependant on current wireless security for which I hope many are using and understand why to use it.

There are several laws now on Capitol Hill that will impact wireless and all other computer communications to including the U.S. PATRIOT Act II and Computer Crimes act of 2002.

For more info on computer security legislation, check out the Department of Justice Web site.

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  • This was last published in September 2003

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