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Possible bug in Windows NT 4.0

I am running Windows NT 4.0 and occassionally get users locked out of their accounts for no apparent reason. Of course, all incidents are investigated but some colleagues have told me there is an infrequent bug in NT 4.0 that can cause this problem -- is this true?

I looked up the matter on Microsoft's support site but found no reference to it, just mention of a similar thing in version 3.5, which they think they have fixed. I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether or not this bug exists in NT 4.0 and possibly point me at somewhere to get more info on it.

I've seen this problem myself and suffered through it. I've never been able to get anyone to say anything more than, "Huh, that's funny..." It usually happens when I've been traveling and turn my machine off while I'm gone. However, I haven't seen it in over a year.

So, I would say that yes, it exists, but I have not been able to find more information, either. For what it's worth, I have not seen it in over a year, so perhaps it's really fixed in some of the later service packs of NT 4.

This was last published in July 2001

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