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Protecting data on a network

We want to increase the security inside our network. We use firewalls and IDS but I am afraid they don't solve...

all the problems. I am not a 'techy,' I am in management. My boss has told me I need to take 'ownership' of our e-security. How can I be sure if an internal/external hacker breaches our perimeter security, that we won't lose everything? Does any technology exist to protect against this? From everything I read, intrusions are still taking place inspite of firewalls. Any insight you can give me would be helpful.

You have hit on one of the main reasons for regular backups. While there might be more that you could do to improve the security of your network, there is no 100% guarantee that someone (particularly an insider) won't manage to find a way to breach your security. Therefore, you must have a good backup program so that you can recover lost data. If you are worried about data confidentiality, you should consider using some form of encryption. That way, if the files are stolen, they would not be compromised.

You should have a disaster recovery plan for your network. This should include physical disasters, but should also include security disasters. There should be an incident response plan in place so that if such a disaster should take place, the staff will know what to do.

The best time to plan for a disaster is before it happens.

This was last published in October 2001

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