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Protecting data stored on NAS

With the availability of cheap CD-ROM and DVD writers, how best can an R&D type of business, where data is stored on NAS in directories, prevent the theft of data? Basically, what I am interested in is a solution/application that will allow me to collect data access (reads) metrics in some databases and have the ability to report trends and set alerts. Are there any solutions out there? If our storage was direct attached one could use the OS capabilities to log access (e.g. C2 on Solaris), but we use Network Appliance filers.
This is not easy. First I'll offer some resources on the advanced topics you have addressed, then attempt to answer what I think are asking.

I suggest you read the following resources:

Data Partnerships: Quantum
NetApp Filters from NetworkAppliance

I'm not sure there is a cheap solution yet. Network Appliance offers many solutions, but none I think are easy or cheap. There are many solutions at www.sans.org and other security sources, but without knowning your architecure or computer systems I cannot provide any real solutions.

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This was last published in December 2002

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