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Removing a virus from an OS

What is the best way to remove the Nimda worm from a Novell server? I've got the latest patches for Microsoft 2000 servers and my workstations.
Removal of any virus should be the same on any OS, no matter the vendor. The following should be done:

1. Remove the device from the network or communication with other devices to ensure you have stopped the spread and infection of other systems.

2. Ensure your virus scanner/cleaner is current and correct. Correct meaning that it will work on your OS and the version of the virus.

3. Clean all aspects of the servers (RAM, Hard drive, floppies, backups... etc.) Otherwise, the virus will reappear.

4. Double check the cleaning effort with another virus product, if possible.

5. Have someone else look over your shoulder or inspect your work. Two eyes are always better than one. This does not question your work efforts, but ensures the correct steps have been accomplished.

6. Finally, after all has been said and done, ensure corrective measures have been taken to ensure the virus doesn't return through the same path or methods.

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This was last published in December 2001

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