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Removing backdoor .litmus virus

My computer is infected with backdoor.litmus virus, and it has created litmus folder with msgsrv32.exe file. How can I remove this virus or replace the file? I ran Norton antivirus, which found the virus, but it is not able to repair it.
First off, if you attempted the following it should have worked:

1. Run LiveUpdate to make sure that you have the most recent virus definitions.
2. Start Norton AntiVirus (NAV), and make sure that NAV is configured to scan all files. For instructions on how to do this, read the document How to configure Norton AntiVirus to scan all files.
3. Run a full system scan.
4. Delete all files that are detected as Backdoor.Litmus.

Also... If the Trojan was run and a hacker executed files on the computer, it may be difficult to determine exactly what was done, even after the Trojan was removed. If you are familiar with your operating system and how to use system-repair or system-checking tools, we suggest that you fully check the system for any of these modifications and undo them. Otherwise, consider reinstalling Windows.

The most important part is determining if the virus/Trojan horse files are located else where. Look at your services and startup files. It sounds like the hacker/virus/t-horse has located the source elsewhere, and you need to find it.

Last but not least, contact www.symantec.com or www.mcafee.com if your problem persists. They will look at your machine remotely, if necessary.

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This was last published in February 2002

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