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What are the reasons for having a Chief Security Officer in an organization?What types of companies are creating...

this position? What does a CSO do? What is the future for the CSO movement? What are the problems in implementing this position? What steps should an organization take to determine if it should create the CSO position? Rather than answering your questions in detail -- because to do it properly would literally require me to write you a book -- let me instead recommend that you visit Yahoo! and enter "Chief Security Officer" as your search term. That's what I did to try to get a sense of the answers to your questions, and here's a brief sampling of some of the best resources that popped up:

Security Executive Job Description - Research Centers

Rise of the Chief Security Officer, by Cynthia Flash

Demand for Chief Security Officer Is Increasing at itcareersource

The Changing Nature of the Chief Security Officer (PDF)

Chief Security Officer (CSO) training requires range of skills

If you follow up on these pointers and research some more of your own, you'll find answers to all your questions therein. Enjoy the learning process!

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This was last published in October 2002

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