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Risks involved with home network over cable modem

Is there a security risk when a cable modem connection is shared by a corporate and personal PC? They each obtain their own IP address from the cable provider via a switch.

Typically, personal and corporate communications or connections should not be shared unless there are VPNs or other methods to protect the resources and network traffic. Some protection measures include use of malicious code/content checkers; use of firewalls; and encryption of critical data. Even beyond those are protective measures such as authentication and possible malicious activity of hackers getting into either system.

Risk is weighed by systems accessed and possibility of loss or corruption of data.

Do I recommend mixing traffic? NO! Maybe if you are in a home environment, but not at the job. While at home that is different, but not at work with personal equipment. Yes, the switch protects you somewhat, but you are still liable for the activity the personal connection will broadcast, thereby also leaving others to your corporate system as well.

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This was last published in June 2002

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