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Securing HTML files

We are developing a product that contains around 5,000 HTML files. I am going to install that product in different schools around the world. How can I secure the HTML files in remote places?

In this order:

[1] Secure the server. I'd avoid Internet Information Server(IIS), if possible, due to the many security bugs that have been reported. If you must use IIS, make sure you are diligent about keeping it up to date with patches. This, of course, must be done for the base system as well. Turn off all unneeded services. Check the system with a vulnerability scanner such as ISS, CyberCop, CyberCop Scanner, etc.

[2] Avoid CGI scripts. If you cannot avoid them, use only ones that you have written and know to be correct.

{3] Run something like WatchGuard ServerLock or HP's Virtual Vault. [DISCLOSURE: I am on WatchGuard's advisory board.]

This was last published in May 2001

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