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Securing HTML files on a CD-ROM

Is there a way to protect HTML files that make up a product delivered on CD-ROM? I don't want to use Authorware or any non-HTML based dev tool, as that would require rebuilding all my current courses.

My preferred idea would be a tool that converts the HTML to a coded script, which is then displayed by a viewer or simple plug-in that I can include with the CD. Is there such a thing?

No. HTML is just text. You can't protect someone from reading it as text. If you're worried about misappropriation there are two strategies you can use.

  • Use something other than HTML; flash slide shows, for example. But a determined person will figure out how to pry that out, too.

  • Look for infringement. Do searches for key phrases in your Web pages every so often. If you find someone plagiarizing, get him or her. This may be the most effective means of solving your problem. You're worried about someone posting your content. For it to be useful to them, they have to make it easy to find. If it's easy to find, you can catch them.

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  • This was last published in February 2002

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