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Securing access to accounts created by SysAdmin

To comply with FDA regulations on Electronic Records & Signatures, we need to implement additional security controls....

An open question is how to effectively control new accounts (ID/password) created by a System Administrator. If the SysAdmin 'knows' the initial password, the account is open to abuse. What options/solutions exist relative to creation of new accounts such that only the 'authentic' new user can access/use the account?

Most systems have a way that you can give a user an initial password that they *must* change when they first log in. This is a good way to make this so it will work. You set up the new user with some easy-to-create password, and then force them to change it to something that only they know.

Should a SysAdmin use the account, then the password will be changed and the proper user will know about it.

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This was last published in June 2002

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