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Securing data and implementing S/MIME

I have developed a system where the buyer and seller exchange data (for example, a purchase order). I would like to know how to make this data secure and prone from hacking. Also, can you tell me how to implement S/MIME?
This is a very general and broad question. I will give you some pointers.

I assume by "I would like to know how to make this data secure and prone from hacking," you would like to protect it from tampering, modification and unauthorized access. I will further assume that we are not discussing the physical security of the computer and network, nor are we concerned about denial of service, but are concentrating on digital data security. You'll want to use encryption for the transmission of the data. SSL and, its daughter TLS, provide for confidentiality and integrity. There are software libraries available you can integrate into your software. A search (on searchSecurity.com, for example) should yield some free libraries for testing and commercial products for production.

S/MIME is, of course, Secure MIME. If you want to use S/MIME for this, doing a search on "S/MIME library" with Google should get you started.

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This was last published in January 2002

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