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Security Help Desk: Freeing yourself from spyware's grip

I get a lot of e-mail asking for help in getting rid of spyware. In an effort to keep SearchSecurity.com users...

up-to-date, I've assembled the latest antispyware resources. If you have any other questions regarding spyware, drop me an e-mail at mshopis@techtarget.com.

WhatIs.com definition: Spyware
Spyware is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge. Read the full definition here.

Virus Prevention Tip: Fighting browser-based spyware
There's a massive battle for browsers going on right now. No, I'm not referring to the epic struggle for market dominance between Netscape and Microsoft way back in the mid-1990s. Today's browser battle is being fought between forces that want to have control over users' browsers: users and administrators versus spyware. Read the full tip here.

Article: Spyware legislation sparks concern
The Federal Trade Commission calls spyware a serious threat to consumers. A recent study shows it's spreading like wildfire. While lawmakers face growing pressure to do something about it, some civil liberties groups worry new laws can have unintended consequences. Read the full news exclusive here.

Ask the Expert: Spyware's impact on the network
I ran a spyware program on my work laptop and found 43 different spyware applications residing on it -- 526 instances in all. I'm just one person. My company has around 300 people. Assuming everyone averages the same, what is the over all network slow down? Read the expert Ed Yakabovicz's complete response.

Ask the Expert: Does spyware and adware qualify as 'malicious software' under the HIPAA rules?
The security rules of HIPAA mention "malicious software" and the need to prevent it from gaining access to information systems containing PHI. Most people I talk to on the subject think it only applies to computer viruses and are not aware of the security, privacy and stability issues involved with spyware and adware. Do you feel that spyware and adware qualify as "malicious software" under the HIPAA rules? Read expert Kevin Beaver's complete response.

Ask the Expert: Is spyware allowing someone to read my e-mail en route to my client?
I have discovered that someone is reading my e-mail between my client and me. This person is using spammer tricks to return the e-mail to me that contain my replies to my client and the client's original response; one message contained a smart remark from the perpetrator that referenced the topic of the e-mail. Read the full question and expert Ed Skoudis' response.

Security Tool Shed: Your desktop antivirus product may be leaving you wide open to attack
Your antivirus product isn't doing the job you think it is.

Antivirus is one of the most mature infosecurity technologies and the undisputed mainstay of desktop and network defense against nasty code lurking on the Internet. But, too many of us put unwavering trust in these applications to stop malware attacks. Read the full column here.

This was last published in June 2004

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