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Security implications of Voice over IP

I was curious concerning your views on Voice over IP and any security implications it may have on the infrastructure. Also, can you point me in a direction to learn more on this subject?

Here are some resources:
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Can VoIP ever be as secure as Ma Bell's creation?
Move to IP-based networks increases cyberwarfare risk

Finally, the last word, mine. Voice over IP has the same issues as running any other application using the TCP/IP stack. Ports are used to exchange data packets that are running over the same telecommunications lines as computer data. The same security measures (firewalls, IDS, DMZ, etc.) have to be used along with some form of encrypting the data. Otherwise, someone else will listen to that call, record that call and maybe break into your computer infrastructure. Also, when/if you do use Voice over IP, have a security company assess that system after it's installed for security holes.

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This was last published in January 2003

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