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Seeking a company with its own encryption algorithm

I need a good encryption system, but I don't wan't to go to the big usual companies like PGP. I was looking for...

a company that had their own algorithm. I found Deltacrypt. It seems that it is very good but I am not the expert here. If you could give a look (http://www.deltacrypt.com) and tell me what you think, I would appreciate it.

I'm not familiar with Deltacrypt, but a quick visit to their Web site made me nervous about choosing their product as an alternative to PGP.

When looking at an encryption product for personal or corporate use I tend to focus on two issues: the results of extensive peer review of the product and algorithm by the crypto community; and the credibility of the vendor.

Deltacrypt seems to have neither. In fact, they don't even mention who is behind the company. While the site does give some detail about their proprietary algorithm, it's meaningless unless they have extensive testing feedback to back it up.

My advice is to stick with well-tested mainstream products, even if some of them are a pain in the a...

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This was last published in March 2002

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