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Seeking an appliance that allows for two encryption applications

Is there an application or appliance that allows for both S/MIME and PGP to be used like a proxy that is transparent to the end user? Basically, it would be group-based encryption, i.e. any e-mail going to Kodak would be encrypted using PGP and any e-mail sent to Ford Motor Company would use Verisign. I have spoken with Tovaris and they said that they could do both -- but, they are a little pricey. I was wondering if you knew of any other options -- with the emphasis on transparency to the end user.
I don't know of any product that does exactly this. I was surprised to read that Tovaris does PGP as well as S/MIME, since I have never read that and couldn't find it on their Web page.

Let me suggest a couple of resources for you and ask a few questions for you to consider.

What is your requirement? Digitally signed e-mail so that the recipient can know that it came without modification from your company? Encryption all the way to the end user? Encryption while over the public Internet?

A competitor of Tovaris is Cipher Trust. I wrote a review of IronMail in this month's Information Security Magazine.

Dave Piscitello and I wrote an article about other solutions you might find interesting. It is in the same magazine, different issue.

I wrote a column that is not directly applicable, but close.

But again, I have not heard of a solution that combines user transparency and the ability to use both PGP and S/MIME certs. I'd be interested to hear if you find anything.

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This was last published in October 2001

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