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Setting up Windows 2000 without a log-in password

I have a stand alone Windows 2000 machine with several infrequent users. We all use it as Administrator. Some users can't seem to remember the password, and it is a constant source of aggravation, not to mention time consuming. On the old box I had Windows 98, and I was able to delete the password, so that no matter what you typed in, it let you in. I have not been able to acheive this on the 2000 box. I tried deleting the password from SAM, but it requires you leave the password field blank, then click OK. If you type in any word into the password field, it kicks it back. Obviously, security is not an issue on this box, but the infrequent users who need to use this box are management level and have a hissy when they need access and can't find me to get them in. Any ideas?

Windows 2000 does not allow you to delete the SAM without serious OS repercussions. I suggest going into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Administrator and resetting the password to a blank password -- that's if security is no concern to your organization.

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This was last published in September 2002

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