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Strong passwords with Win2k

Windows 2000 Advance Server supports card key or token authentication so users do not have to remember a complicated/strong password. Does Win2k have the option of the server generating new passwords based on default settings, such as password expiration, eight character minimum length, etc.? Or perhaps an add-on utility?

The reason for this question: Users set their initial Domain ID password and then a PIN for their card key or token. They never use the Domain password again and forget it. When the 'password expire' time comes around (unless it is turned off), there is a flood of calls to the help desk to reset passwords. If the server changes the password, the users do not need to know what it is, and that particular part of security is maintained.
This is a great idea, but it isn't in Win2k by default, and I don't know of an add-on to do it.

This was last published in June 2001

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