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The propagation of Nimda

How much damage can Nimda do to data on a Windows 98 machine? Does it have any affect on Netscape browser?
Yes, a Windows 98 computer can become infected even if you are using the NetScape browser. Nimda can also spread by e-mail attachments.

The most significant methods of propagation are e-mail messages created by the worm, specify a content-type of audio/x-wav and contain an executable attachment type. Thus when a message is accessed, the attachment can be executed without the user's knowledge. Simply viewing the page in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express using the preview pane can infect you. Other mail clients can still receive these e-mail messages, but double-clicking the attachment would be required to execute the virus. WinNT/2K systems cannot be infected from an e-mail message.

Simply visiting a Web site (.asp, .htm, .html) that is compromised can infect your computer. WinNT/2K systems cannot be infected by accessing an infected .ASP, .HTM or .HTML document.

This was last published in October 2001

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