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Training for Active Directory security

I work on an U.S. Army contract involved in setting up the Active Directory Forrest Root for the Army. We are submitting a wish list of training for those individuals identified as Enterprise Admins. Do you have any suggestions for training courses that go beyond Microsoft's Windows 2000 Security curriculum? I am looking for something that concentrates on securing the AD Enterprise.

You raise an excellent question, for which I can find no ready answers. That said, it may make sense to contact Microsoft Education to inquire about advanced AD courses they may offer only on the Redmond campus. Likewise, you will want to talk to the folks at SANS (Jennifer Kolde at [email protected] would make a great initial point of contact) to see if they can customize their GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator class to focus more on the topics in which your organization is most interested.

Beyond that, you're moving into the province of high-powered AD experts and consultants, many of whom would be glad to prepare a custom couse precisely to meet your needs for a price. Here are some well-known authors and experts who might be able to help you out:

  • Mark Minasi [mailto:[email protected]]
  • Alistair G. Lowe-Norris [contact through O'Reilly & associates]
  • Kurt L. Hudson [mailto:[email protected]]
  • Barry Shilmover [mailto:[email protected]]
  • Joe Casad [contact through Osborne/McGraw-Hill]

    You can also identify AD experts on SearchWin2000, as well. These include Paul Hinsberg [mailto:[email protected]] and Scott Schnoll [mailto:[email protected]].

    I hope this provides you with the information you need. Good luck with your upcoming AD design and deployment efforts.

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  • This was last published in April 2002

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