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Training for quality assurance

I am interested in the field of quality assurance testing of software. Kindly suggest how I should start and what...

I should learn.

When it comes to pursuing software quality assurance, there are many ways to obtain credentials, skills and knowledge. I'd be surprised if the university at Heidelberg didn't offer software quality topics in its various computer science offerings, for example. Likewise, there are numerous IT certifications that address software quality as their focus or in passing. A quick visit to www.gocertify.com and a search on "software quality" "quality" or "SQA" (a common abbreviation for "software quality assurance") turns up programs avaialble from the Quality Assurance Institute in Florida, USA. Please visit Software Certifications for more information.

My feeling, however, is that advanced academic study remains the best means of entering this field, unless you are already trained as a programmer and simply learn this subect matter on the job.

Good luck with your further studies and activities. Thanks again for writing.

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  • This was last published in April 2003

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