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Training videos for employees

Where can I find videos on training employees on the importance of security procedures?
There are several companies currently offering excellent videos and CDs (in addition to CBTs). Commonwealth Films (www.commonwealthfilms.com) has an EXTENSIVE video catalogue. They allow for a preview of their CDs for a couple of weeks (generally). These videos are ready to ship without any modifications to be made by the customer. Their computer security films include:

Access Security
Targets of Opportunity
The Best Defense
Access Denied
Locking the Door
Invasion of the Data Snatchers
Mum's the Word
Under Wraps
Data Security: Be Aware or Beware
E-Mail, Internet
The Plugged-In Mailbox
Say What You Mean
No Privacy
Information Security
Look Out for Your Laptop!
Software Piracy
Illegal Copying
We Lost Control

Carney Interactive (www.teamcarney.com) is another CBT developer. They produce custom made CDs and CBTs for information security. I have seen many of their security awareness CDs, and they are excellent. They are highly creative and produce an excellent final product.

Computer Sciences Corporation (www.csc.com) also produces custom made security awareness training videos and CBTs. CSC uses modules based upon object oriented programming, which can significantly reduce development time if this is an issue.

This was last published in October 2001

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