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Turning off port 1080

How do you change a system to get rid of open port 1080?
What system are you talking about? A PC, a server, a firewall? This question is impossible to answer without more specific information.

In general, there should be configuration parameters for all the TCP ports. You simply need to find the appropriate file or tool to turn the port off.

For reference, port 1080 is typically used for SOCKS.

According to the SOCKS FAQ, "SOCKS is networking proxy protocol that enables hosts on one side of a SOCKS server to gain full access to hosts on the other side of the SOCKS server without requiring direct IP reachability. SOCKS redirects connection requests from hosts on opposite sides of a SOCKS server. The SOCKS server authenticates and authorizes the requests, establishes a proxy connection and relays data. SOCKS is commonly used as a network firewall that enables hosts behind a SOCKS server to gain full access to the Internet, while preventing unauthorized access from the Internet to the internal hosts."

This was last published in August 2001

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