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User provisioning and SSO for PeopleSoft- and Unix-based products

When working with PeopleSoft and Unix, which single sign-on (SSO) vendors offer the most effective products? Learn how to choose an SSO product in this IAM expert response.

What tools provide user provisioning and single sign-on for PeopleSoft- and Unix-based products? Who are the major vendors?
This issue goes beyond just PeopleSoft and Unix. User provisioning and single sign-on (SSO) are fundamental to the identity and access management program of any company looking to provide a unified way to access multiple systems on a network.

Most companies have a combination of systems, both Windows and Unix, and a mishmash of others like mainframes and...

specific systems, such as PeopleSoft, which is used exclusively for HR administration (and now owned by Oracle Corp.). The goal is to have a single product that allows the setup of authentication credentials for these diverse systems from a single point.

In recent years, individual identity and access management products have been bought up by large IT vendors and bundled together into identity and access management suites. User provisioning and SSO are some of the most in-demand features of IAM suites.

For PeopleSoft, two of the major access management vendors are Sun Microsystems Inc. and Oracle. Sun has a PeopleSoft Component Interface for programmatically provisioning user accounts using Java. Oracle, another big player in the IAM suite market, in September released its Oracle Identity Manager Connector for PeopleSoft. This connector adds PeopleSoft to the list of applications that can be provisioned with Oracle Identity Manager.

Similar products are also available from IBM Corp., BMC Software Inc. and CA Inc. These same IAM suites that are players for user provisioning also offer SSO, which can integrate with PeopleSoft and Unix.

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This was last published in October 2008

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