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Virus infection from a Web page

How can you know ahead of time if a Web page is infected with a virus? Once you have a virus, how can you stop it from wrecking your computer?
Host-based intrustion-detection systems such as Tripwire, Axent ITA and Enterasys-Dragon Squire offer excellent support for the monitoring of Web pages for malicious changes by hackers or virus-related attacks. These products would notify and correct the problem by copying the correct Web page back to the server.

Halting the spread of a virus should be done with the proper tools, such as antivirus products. These products needs to be updated as the new signatures are releasted from vendors, not at a later date. I recommend purchasing a subscription to the sigature updates where the vendor sends them and notifies you at the same time of a new virus. Otherwise, the manual method is much too slow when new viruses are released.

Damage to your systems is only halted with the proper protective measures and alerting software such as IDS or antivirus software properly configured. Damage can only be measured by the amount of effort you place into those systems and the importantance of maintance.

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This was last published in December 2001

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