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Virus protection for Linux

Is Nimda a threat to a Linux e-mail server? Are there any antivirus programs for Linux?

Nimda is designed to attack Windows machines by exploiting security holes in Windows. Any infected mail sent to your mail server will be received, but as it is Linux-based, you do not have much to worry about with Nimda on the server. Of course, your mail users may be at risk from this or any other virus -- it does not make any difference what Operating System the server is running if the workstation is running an OS that can be attacked.

There are a number of Linux virus scanners available. You can search on Google for them. One you may wish to investigate is at www.amavis.org. Linux is not inherently virus-proof -- there are many Linux worms and viruses known, despite the claims of Linux promoters.

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  • This was last published in November 2002

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