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Viruses introduced to machine via Internet transaction

Could a virus be introduced to a machine through an Internet transaction(without necessarily downloading files, say like by answering a survey or placing an order or paying online?)

Considering the rate at which new security holes are being found in popular browsers, e-mail programs, etc., it would be unwise to say that this is impossible. There are already a number of examples of malware which exploit holes using HTML code, as well as the very real possibility of JavaScript and other scripting languages being subverted for malicious purposes.

One of the best defenses is to ensure that your real-time antivirus scanner inspects all files being written to the local hard drive. If something malicious is being planted on your machine, then you want it found and stopped before it can do any damage.

Another good option to consider is a program which blocks malicious behavior. Some of these include Achilles Shield, Secure4U, Esafe and Finjan.

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This was last published in February 2002

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