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Vulnerability of Xvfb on Sun Solaris

I'm using Oracle 9IAS on a Sun Solaris box for an internal application. The original requirement was to have an active X-window/server session on a workstation (for monitoring purposes). I decided against that solution, and went with Xvfb/Openlook scenario instead.

I cannot find any useful vulnerability information with Xvfb on a Sun Solaris box. Any suggestions or comments or information that I could use in making an official determination?

Xvfb is a virtual frame buffer for X windows, as I'm sure you know.

One uses it on a headless workstation so that an X application can draw into a piece of memory and not whine that there is no display on a given workstation.

I know of no security problems with Xvfb myself -- remember, it's nothing more than a piece of virtual memory pretending to be a video display card. There's not a lot to go wrong.

Now having said that, X has its own set of security issues. A decade ago, these were a much bigger deal than they are now. Standard installations of X lock down things pretty tightly. But those are things you'd have to worry about no matter what.

A search of Bugtraq for xvfb turns up two references to X11 cookie hijack problems (dating from 1998) and an XFree86 3.1.2 problem from 1996. That's a rather clean bill of health.

This was last published in April 2002

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