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Warning banners on routers

What is your opinion on implementing warning banners on routers in a WAN? And could you please suggest where I might find some examples that other companies or organizations use?

The whole purpose of a router is to move packets from one place to another. If a warning banner was put on the data interface for the router, who would see it? The incoming packets are simply being sent on their way to another port. Those packets certainly can't see the banner.

The only place it would make any sense at all would be on the control interface for the router. That is, most routers have a capability to be configured either via a telnet connection or a secured browser interface. A banner that would be sufficient would be something like:

"This router is owned by XYZ corp. Access to the configuration of this router is restricted to those administrators authorized to monitor or make changes. All other access is prohibited. All access to this router is monitored."

However, since I am not a lawyer, you should check with your corporate lawyer for guidance on the exact terminology to use.

This was last published in April 2001

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