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What are the security implications of 25 gigabit Ethernet?

Twenty-five gigabit Ethernet is reportedly the next big thing in Ethernet, but what are the security implications? Expert Kevin Beaver discusses.

Twenty-five gigabit Ethernet is growing in popularity. Do you think it will replace 10 GbE? Are there security implications of 25 GbE we should be aware of?

When it comes to networking, the faster the better -- at least for me. That way I can get my security assessments performed more quickly. This new 25 gigabit version of Ethernet will most certainly help -- if it ever makes it to mainstream. I'm just now seeing many enterprises complete their rollouts of Gigabit Ethernet, so I suspect we're still years away from seeing 25 GbE (or the formal standard, 40 GbE and 100 GbE) outside of data centers and in the mainstream.

The practical side of me sees 25 GbE as having the same security issues as all of its predecessors:

The more things change with information technology, the more we're seeing how important the security basics really are. While the blazing speeds will offer benefits, such as being able to run network assessments at a quicker pace, the same security challenges are going to occur that much faster with 25 GbE. Are you -- and your systems -- ready to drink from that fire hose?

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This was last published in January 2015

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Is your organization going to implement 25 gigabit Ethernet?
Within my industry, entertainment, the implementation of 25 gigabyte Ethernet makes perfect sense. Many of the data we exchange and end out, be it from set to talent or from editing room to daily screeners with the producer, a 25 gigabit Ethernet gives tremendous speed boosts, especially where large files are concerned. This is a smart move for my production company and will certainly benefit the productions. This is a must for 2015.
So 25Gb is a lot less secure than 10/100/1000 Ethernet?
I wouldn't think so, rautamiekka. Sorry if my statement "The practical side of me sees 25 GbE as having the same security issues as all of its predecessors" led you to believe that.

Same issues, yet faster speeds so it could be argued that more "bad" things can happen in a shorter period of time which could, conceivably, create greater business risks.

Given that many people have no clue as to what's going on on their existing (and slower) networks - like what I talked about here:, we probably won't see a lot of changes as this new Ethernet technology emerges.