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What does O2Server port '1894' do and how does it affect our network security?

In this Network Security Ask the Expert Q&A, resident expert Mike Chapple examines how network ports operate and how to monitor network port traffic to protect against potential malicious behavior.

Our port scanner detected '1894' as an open port. We know 1894 is an 'O2Server' port, but are not sure what this is. Can you please tell us what port '1894' does and how it affects our network?
O2server is a fairly obscure database program. As you may already know, you can determine the assigned usage of any port by checking the listing provided by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority . However, that listing is only useful as a preliminary reference.

Ports can be used for any purpose. In this case it's likely that someone is using port 1894 for some other purpose....

To determine the culprit, you could simply block that traffic with your firewall and see who complains, or use a network sniffer like Ethereal to monitor traffic on that port and determine its true nature.

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  • This was last published in August 2006

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