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What is 'Trixie' and how do we remove it?

There are several tools that call themselves Trixie. Luckily, SearchSecurity.com's information security threats expert, Ed Skoudis, can tell the good from the bad and will help you rid your system of the malicious Trixie worm.

Are you familiar with the "Trixie" worm? This worm has locked us out of all our mail servers. While AVG Anti Virus & Norton AntiVirus have identified it, they haven't provided a way to fix it. What is it and what can we do to remove it?

There are several tools that call themselves "Trixie." Some are legitimate and some are evil, so you should see if AVG or Norton provides you with more specific name or number information. One trustworthy program called Trixie is a tool that lets IE users view Web pages in a highly edited and customizable fashion, much like the Greasemonkey tool for Firefox.

The Trixie malware I've seen, however, is a malicious browser help object (BHO) that can be removed using the HijackThis software, available at http://www.merijn.org/index.php.

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This was last published in September 2006

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