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What is a security infrastructure?

What exactly is a security infrastructure? What does it start with? Is there a model to follow? I am doing a presentation...

on the subject, but everytime I search the Web, I find general security information. Can you suggest some Web sites to visit? Thanks.

It will be hard, as you have said, to find information on "security infrastructure." The reason being, this comprises many products to include: IDS, firewalls, routers, antivirus, content checking, switches, servers, policy, procedures, disaster recovery, incident response, etc.

Security infrastructure is more like all the systems working together to mitigate risk to malicious activity from both external and internal sources.

Try: www.nsa.com, www.cisco.com, www.issa.org, www.infragard.net, www.searchsecurity.com and any other site that deals with information security. More or less, in the real world information security covers the security infrastructure.

Hope that helps.

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This was last published in February 2002

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