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What is the future of computer forensics?

How do you feel about the future of computer forensics? Are you aware of the International Information Systems...

Forensics Assocation? They offer a Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) certification.

There's a lot of new information out there about forensic investigator certifications. And after talking with a number of forensic investigators, we (the investigators and I) have concluded each type of forensic certification is very unique. Each offer -- the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and the CIFI (Certified Information Forensics Investigator) certification -- are "stand alone" provided by independent training organizations. Each provide a different aspect to forensic investigations that combined, make up a strong portfolio for computer forensics specialists. Since there is no "forensics gold standard" yet, you need to understand from your employer or your client if they lean in either direction. (Not likely since they are very different.) That could change in the future where there will be a more robust certification, but nothing in the next six months.

This was last published in September 2003

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