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What online security certification courses are available?

I'm a computer security professional with a Master's degree in computer science along with 12 years of working experience in the security field. Can you tell me what online computer security certification courses are available for professionals?

There are numerous options available for online security certification training. In fact, several large universities and institutions offer online courses.

All of these institutions or universities offer degrees and cert instruction in information security online. Given your background and degree(s), I assume you are most interested in cutting right to the chase and augmenting your current credentials with one or more security certs. To that end, you'd probably be best served by pursuing the ISC2 CISSP, intermediate to advanced SANS credentials and perhaps other more specialized credentials (which I'd urge you to identify and search on for yourself).

Where CISSP is concerned, I see a mixture of pure online offerings, and classroom plus online offerings. You may find the following interesting:

Where SANS is concerned, much -- but not all -- of their cert training is available online. Visit their Web site for more information on what's offered, costs, calendars and so forth.

Good luck in your pursuit of further training and credentials. But don't overlook the possibility of a short, intense training experience -- like a bootcamp -- that will get you through a curriculum in 5-15 days; this option might be able to fit into your no-doubt busy schedule.

This was last published in January 2004

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