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Where to find rootkits for testing intrusion-detection systems

I'm trying to test our HIDS implementation and want to see IDS responses to a server compromise and a rootkit install....

Is there somewhere I can download one of the latest rootkits such as t0rn, tuxkit, etc. so I can install it on a lab server for testing purposes? I also want to test chkrootkit scripts to verify effectiveness. I've looked all over and can't seem to find a place to download them.

There are several ways to find the rootkits you desire. Since I am not use to providing URLs for hacking sites, I will defer, but instead offer the following: Try google.com or other search engines. After I checked, there seems to be a good amount of information and links that can help you.

I will also suggest you check your local ISSA (www.isc2.org) or FBI Infragard (www.infragard.com). Both sources can help with your legitimate request.

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This was last published in September 2002

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