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Where to obtain a degree in cryptography

I want to obtain a degree in cryptography. What universities offer a degree? Where should I start to begin learning about cryptography?

To obtain a degree in cryptography, per se, it will probably be necessary for you to pursue a Master's or a doctorate (PhD) degree. My searches of undergraduate programs -- even at the best computer science and mathematics institutions in the world -- do not reveal any undergraduate degrees in cryptography.

In fact, because cryptography is both algorithmic and mathematical in nature, you can probably pursue such a course of study in either a mathematics or a computer science program. Guessing from your name that you might be on the Indian sub-continent, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a highly regarded academic program with offerings and faculty that could support such a course of study. Here in the United States, the best schools for cryptography include MIT, Carnegie-Mellon University, Purdue University, Stanford University and the University of Washington (Seattle).

I hope this reply manages to answer your question and to address your concerns. If not, please feel free to write again.

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This was last published in September 2002

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