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Whether to stay with an employer that doesn't support security training

I would like to work in the security area. My company does not support me. They do not think that they can sell...

security. Should I leave this company?

A wise man once said that the answer to any good question always starts with the same phrase, "That depends..." In the case of your good question, it depends on whether or not you are happy in your job otherwise, or if you're bound and determined to work in the security area no matter what. If the former is true, stay where you are; if the latter, you will have to seek employment elsewhere.

If you do decide to leave, my advice is to first tackle the BrainBench Internet and Network Security exams, then perhaps also the CIW Security Professional exam (www.ciwcertified.com) before moving on elsewhere. Your total expenditures for this study will be less than $500 and will take about six months. That way, you'll have a better chance -- and be better prepared -- to sell yourself as a budding security guy in your next job.

Good luck!

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This was last published in March 2002

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