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Which classes to take from Learning Tree

I am looking to break into the world of security and am planning on getting certified in Network Security through...

the Learning Tree School (does this carry any weight in industry ?).

I work in Novell so I'd like to know if I could break into the field without being a LAN Admin in NT, 2000 and/or Unix/Linux.

I am taking four network courses (intro, switches/routers, LAN implementation and hands-on PC networking, including an overview of 2000 and Unix) and four security courses (Internet/intranet security intro, firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection).

I'd like to know if you think this plan sounds reasonable. The other possible security courses/areas are Web security, PKI, disaster recovery, Unix/Linux security, Windows 2000 security. Can you tell me if my four security classes are the best (for getting into the field and making money), or if I should consider the others instead of or in addition to?

I also plan on learning TCP/IP and CheckPoint security on my own.

I have to ask, "Why Learning Tree?" Although they do have lots of offerings and their curriculum is certainly sound enough, they don't have much name recognition or cachet in the security field. You don't mention this, but I'm guessing that perhaps your employer is paying for this training. If so, and that's your best or only option, your plan seems sound enough.

If not, or if your employer will pay for other training as well, I'd urge you to look into offerings from SANS (System Administration and Network Security institute; www.giac.org), to check out the TruSecure ICSA (TICSA) certification and also the ISC-squared's System Security Certified Professional (SSCP) and Certified Informatin Systems Security Professional (CISSP) programs.

All of these have associated classes (SANS will gladly teach you in the classroom at their conferences, or through their online offerings); both TruSecure and ISC-squared have affiliate training programs.

I hope this input make sense and that you choose a program of study that will fit your budget and your needs, while also enhancing your career choices as much as possible. Good luck!

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This was last published in March 2002

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