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Will the RPC vulnerability patch protect against Sobig-F?

Will the application of the Microsoft patch for the recent RPC (Remote Procedure Call) vulnerabilities offer protection against future attacks of the Sobig-F virus?

First of all, if the date on a computer is September 10, 2003, or later, this worm will no longer propagate. Sobig-F is no longer much of a threat after this expiration date.

Sobig-F is a worm which spreads via the Internet as a file attached to infected e-mails, as well as through shared network resources. It does not exploit the RPC vulnerability mentioned. Installing the Microsoft patch will protect against other worms and viruses, which attack the RPC.

As a general rule of thumb, each time you patch a system, you reduce the number of attacks, which can succeed.

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  • This was last published in September 2003

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