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Amazon cloud services: AWS Marketplace offers one-click cloud security

The new AWS Marketplace, launched by Amazon last week, is an interesting development on the cloud security front. The Amazon cloud services marketplace allows customers to choose from a menu of various software products and SaaS services, and launch the applications in their EC2 environments with one click.

Several security applications are among the options, including a virtual appliance from Check Point Software Technologies, SaaS endpoint protection from McAfee, and SaaS network IDS and vulnerability assessment from Alert Logic. Customers are charged for what they use on an hourly or monthly basis, and the charges appear on the same bill as their other AWS services.

“We wanted to shrink the time between finding what you want and getting it up and running,” Werner Vogels, CTO at, wrote in a blog post.

By making it easy for organizations to add security to their cloud environments, AWS has made a promising move. Integrating security can be complicated, but the AWS Marketplace appears to eliminate any heavy lifting. It could leave organizations with fewer excuses to not implement cloud security.

But not all is hunky dory with the AWS Marketplace, according to a blog post by Joe Brockmeier at ReadWriteCloud. While the AWS Marketplace makes it simpler to consume single-server apps, it “still leaves a lot of configuration to the end users,” he wrote. For example, he said, deploying Sharepoint with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud involves an architecture that’s “much less simple than a single EC2 image,” which means the marketplace doesn’t offer anything right now for those with needs beyond a single EC2 image.

Still, it will be interesting to see what other security services are offered via the marketplace and whether other cloud providers follow Amazon’s lead in easing the path to cloud security.

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