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America’s Next Top H4×0r

Maybe it’s a result of the TV writers’ strike or maybe it’s just the natural next step in a world in which there are reality shows about dueling choirs and kids living alone, “Lord of the Flies” style. Whatever the reason, security is finally getting its due in the form of an upcoming Court TV documentary called “Tiger Team.” The show follows the exploits of a three-man team of penetration testers as they work their black magic on various corporate networks. But, in addition to using tools such as Core Impact to find soft spots in computer security, the team will be using various social engineering techniques to see how much havoc they can wreak on clients’ physical security, as well. The team itself is a group of experts from a company called Alternative Technology in Colorado.
For viewers accustomed to the absurd security-related antics on shows like “24” and movies such as “Swordfish” and “Hackers,” I’m not sure how exciting the sight of someone using an Apache exploit will be. But it’s got to be better than “Private Practice” or “Rock of Love.” The show premieres on Christmas night at 11 p.m. EST and PST.

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