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Bad holiday PR

I absolutely love Christmas, and even have a soft spot for a lot of the tacky stuff that comes with it, like fake silver trees, loud-colored garland and the Coca-Cola version of Santa Claus.

But there is one thing that will bring out the Grinch in me every time — holiday-inspired PR pitches security vendors insist on hurling at me with the glee of kids in a snowball fight. The folks at PGP will probably be mad at me for this, but I can’t help but make an example of them this time around.

Here’s what they sent me Tuesday as I sat anxiously awaiting this month’s Microsoft patch bulletins:

The 12 Threats of Christmas

The twelve threats of Christmas, is networking secure?

The bad guys are shaking their lures.

With the Storm Worm, and rootkits, and crimeware everywhere, We should prepare For infections we’d rather not share!

O the twelve threats of Christmas, what more can we endure?

Twelve hackers hacking

Eleven passwords cracking

Ten laptops leaving

Nine phishers phishing

Eight Web sites crashing

Seven spammers spamming

Six Trojans sneaking

Five breaches more!

Four corp’rate spies

Three bot nets

Two online games

And an unencrypted missing flash drive!

The only gift I can give in return is a groan followed by a Bah Humbug!

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"Bad holiday PR"? Congrats to the PGP PR team. All PR practitioners should hope to be "made an example" of in this fashion -- by having what is sent to a journalist posted and attributed to the company. Clearly this PR tactic works, as it not only got Mr. Brenner's attention, but he actually went so far as to take additional time out of his busy day, while anxiously awaiting this month’s Microsoft patch bulletins, to make this posting and providing his readers with what must be considered a news worthy item. Bah Humbug? Not to the PGP folks. Happy holidays all!