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Bot-on-bot crime

Not everyone in the underground is concentrating on targeted attacks. Jose Nazario stopped by today; he’s Arbor Networks’ resident botnet guru and he shared a cool anecdote about some bot-on-bot crime as he put it. Apparently, the lovelies behind the Storm worm are trying to put rival spammers–the guys behind the Warezov/Stration family of spam worms–out of business with a series of DDoS attacks. So take heart anti-spam groups like Spamhaus and other blacklisters–you’re not alone.

“There’s competition in this marketplace like any other, and it’s already cutthroat,” Nazario says. “Why not DDoS your competitors’ update sites?”

Spammers have used DDoS attacks in the past against rivals like Blue Security, an antispam outfit which was put out of business last May by a vengeful DDoS attack carried out by a spammer known as PharmaMaster. The Storm creators haven’t succeeded in knocking out the Warezov/Stration camp, but this scrape likely isn’t over.

These guys mean business; they’re not fooling around. They make a lot of money and they’re willing to defend it,” Nazario says.

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