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EMC, Cisco and Microsoft form security alliance

One of the more interesting press releases to catch my attention this morning is from Cisco, EMC and Microsoft. The IT giants have formed an alliance promising “the most comprehensive, security-enhanced, commercial, multi-vendor, end-to-end information-sharing technology architectures for helping protect and share sensitive government information.” The result of this alliance is the Secure Information Sharing Architecture (SISA).

The SISA Alliance includes such vendors as Liquid Machines of Waltham, Mass., Swan Island Networks in Portland, Ore., and Titus Labs in Ottawa, Canada.

From the press release:

Cisco, EMC and Microsoft are providing the core commercial off-the-shelf technology that makes up SISA to ease the sharing of information contained in disparate IT infrastructures. Through its industry-leading networking solutions, Cisco provides network protection, security-enhanced virtualized network links, and data protection features for sharing sensitive information across the network platform. EMC’s networked storage systems, information management and security software provides a flexible information infrastructure for storing, managing and helping protect critical and sensitive data. Microsoft provides identity management, client and network operating systems, and a collaboration framework that helps keep content in the hands of authorized users.”

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