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Former CA security exec Ron Moritz joins Microsoft’s Forefront team

Microsoft, continuing its quest to become the New York Yankees of security by amassing the best free-agent talent available, recently signed up another heavy hitter: Ron Moritz, the former head of CA’s security division and one-time CTO at Symantec. Moritz left CA in July after a five-year run heading up the eTrust security operation and joined Microsoft in mid-December.

Moritz is just the latest CA veteran to join Microsoft. Last summer, Jakub Kaminski and three of his colleagues joined Microsoft from CA’s Australian antimalware operation. And Ian Hameroff, a longtime CA antivirus guru made the move to Redmond several years ago. Microsoft also has recruited AV veterans from other rivals as well, including Vinny Gullotto, formerly of both McAfee and Symantec, and Jimmy Kuo, another ex-McAfee researcher. Moritz will be spending most of his time in Israel, but will be making regular trips to Redmond, as well.

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