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Forrester: SIM market to level off around $1.18 billion in 2011

Forrester Research has just released a new report that might be of interest to those who like to track where the security market is headed.

The picture painted by Forrester analyst Paul Stamp [with help from analysts Jonathan Penn, Eric G. Brown and Alissa Dill] is of a security information management (SIM) market that will level off at around $1.18 billion by 2011.

Stamp says the market is growing at a rate of around 50% and that growth will continue to accelerate until late 2009, when commoditization will result in smaller deals.

“From 2011, the market will stabilize as SIM becomes a wider part of the infrastructure management and business intelligence disciplines,” Stamp says, predicting that the winners will be the vendors “that can deliver today’s requirements quickly and easily rather than the constant promise of future SIM nirvana.”

The folks at Forrester have offered up a lot of good insight in the past, though I must admit I’m always skeptical when someone makes predictions on what we’ll be doing four years down the road.

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